Bolivian dancers parade up Avenida de Mayo.

Tango guitar grasp Gastón Vinelli. When he performed it was as if he have been enjoying in an orchestra, or for the entire universe. He was in a whole trance.

Area recording the murga alongside Avenida de Mayo.

The soundtrack of Buenos Aires goes on 24/7. There’s at all times music within the streets, on the subways, in every single place.

Murga of indigenous individuals dwelling in Argentina. They combine melodies from Andean music with highly effective drum rhythms.

Bread vendor on Calle Defensa. The distributors in Argentina add to the soundtrack, singing out what they’re promoting to passersby.

All through the parks are Capoeira teams, typically led by Brazilians dwelling in Buenos Aires.

At any given time, Avenida de Mayo (the primary boulevard in Buenos Aires) turns into a sea of individuals: protestors, dancers, or simply pedestrians.

Murga on calle Defensa. These drummers use a bass drum with a sort of hit hat on high they play by hand.

Candombe drummers training in Parque Lezama. These drummers parade all by way of the streets throughout Carnaval.

El Caminante Argentino, aged 85, from Junin, enjoying a Chacarera.

This youth lived on the streets with Oscar Sosa, a homeless man and former cumbia singer.

Charrango participant on prepare in Buenos Aires