The traveller who units off from London intent on flying world wide can achieve this in three hops – after a trend. 

Within the late 1980s, upgraded engines allowed Jumbo jets to achieve Tokyo continuous from the UK. From the Japanese capital, trans-Pacific flights opened as much as Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles. From any of those, you would make a ultimate leap again to Britain.

The catch, in fact, is that it was a firmly northern hemisphere itinerary. And if you wish to make a three-leg journey world wide, I can’t see any doable itinerary that crosses the equator. London-Singapore-Los Angeles-London will get tantalisingly shut, however no cigar to have fun reaching the southern hemisphere: Singapore is round 100 miles north of the equator.

Jakarta, 400 miles-plus south of the equator and presently the longest leap from Heathrow, can be a promising candidate if solely it had a direct connection with the Americas. 

On 25 March, Qantas begins the primary