Given the selection, most individuals wouldn’t enter a shadowy underground chamber stacked excessive with human skeletons. Nonetheless, with an understanding of the Neapolitan fetish for cranium iconography, a go to to Cimitero delle Fontanelle offers an unlikely calming and reflective antidote to Naples’ frenzied road life. The huge cemetery, dug deep into tender tufo stone, intersects with Neapolitan traditions of faith, folklore and pagan ritual – and is indicative of the various strata of town’s historical past. The previous quarry turned a makeshift burial website in 1656 when a plague decreased the inhabitants from 400,00zero to 150,00zero. In line with custom, being buried away from the consecrated soil of their parish church rendered the souls unable to succeed in heaven. Eternally dislocated from the afterlife, the chamber seems to embody the earthly manifestation of purgatory.