Ah, the traditional metropolis feud. You’ve heard this argument 100 occasions earlier than. Which is healthier: Los Angeles or San Francisco? Nicely, the time has come to settle the rating. And newsflash: There can solely be ONE winner…

Additionally: Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm and Common Studios. What theme parks do YOU have, San Francisco? Admit it:  however we see you, UCLA. You’re an in depth second, so that you should be good too.

+1: SF

28. And walkability? Right here’s a reality: You possibly can’t get wherever in Los Angeles with no automobile, whereas you may make your away round San Francisco by yourself two toes should you needed to.

For probably the most half, Los Angelenos don’t know what it means to stroll wherever, ever.

+1: SF

29. The structure is way extra beautiful and spectacular in San Francisco than it’s in Los Angeles.

Sure, Los Angeles has the Disney Live performance Corridor, which is certainly a factor of magnificence. However as one San Franciscan put it, “SF seems such as you’re strolling round a rattling structure museum.”

+1: SF

30. Golden Gate Park versus Griffith Park… Golden Gate, fingers down. Hell, parks on the whole are simply extra stunning and customary in SF than they’re in Los Angeles.

There’s probably not a “park tradition” down south like there’s in San Francisco. Unhappy, however true.

+1: SF

31. Lastly and most significantly: Folks can really afford to stay in Los Angeles correct, whereas SF costs are ridiculous and rising by the minute.

And we’re not speaking in regards to the outskirts of San Fran right here, so don’t even go there. This metropolis is simply too costly to operate.

+5: LA, as a result of occasions are robust and no person has acquired the time… or the cash.

And the winner is…


Closing Rating:

LA: 18
SF: 19


Observe: For those who’re dwelling in one among these cities proper now, you’re already profitable at life. LA, SF — it doesn’t matter. Think about the polar vortex crap East Coasters must take care of and smile, you reside on the golden coast of California. Huzzah!

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